Home Sweet Michigan

It’s winter in Michigan, but the summer leaves a year-long impression. Enjoy this guest-blog post by Staci Newcomb, as she details her summer memories of Silver Lake and living in Michigan here on Pure Michigan Connect!

Every year at Christmas, as my plane descends on Detroit Metro Airport and the houses and tips of the trees begin to take shape, I can feel my chest tighten and my heart well up, as warm tears spring to the corners of my eyes. I’m home.

To be honest, I don’t think I fully realized how much I love Michigan until I left. With the job market as it was when I graduated from Michigan State, I was forced to take a job out of state. But it wasn’t until I had been gone for a few years that I realized how much I truly love it.

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Lansing River Trail- A Fall Ride through the Leaves

The fall is a great time in Michigan to get out and explore our bike and nature trails. In this Pure Michigan Connect article, guest blogger Hannah Ettema brings us for a ride along the Lansing River Trail!

On Sunday, October 10 it would have been a crime to stay inside all day due to the warm weather, so I took a break from my homework and went on a bike ride with my friend Victoria on the Lansing River Trail

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