Pure Michigan January 2014 Fan Photos

Glistening snow and ice blanketed Pure Michigan throughout the month of January. Our fans enjoyed the weather with skiing, snowboarding, winter festivals and more! Here’s a look back at some marvelous fan photos shared with us by our Pure Michigan Facebook community this month. Check out more fan photos on the Pure Michigan Flickr page.

Which photo from January is your favorite? If you have a photo to share with us, visit the Pure Michigan Facebook page and post it there.

8 Phenomenal Frozen Michigan Lighthouse Photos from our Fans

There is no doubt that it’s been unbelievably cold in Pure Michigan. In fact, the recent frigid temperatures have turned some Michigan lighthouses into giant icicles! Our fans have shared some remarkable photos of these magnificent frozen sights.  Here are 8 of our favorites. (Note: We care deeply for the safety of our fans. Please use extreme caution near icy areas, especially lakes and piers.) 

South pier beacon in Saint Joseph, Michigan on Jan 8, 2014. Photo courtesy of Josh Nowicki.

An ice-covered South Haven Lighthouse. Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Kim Roe-Kester.

An arctic-inspired shot of the South Pier in Grand Haven. Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Becky Pawloski.

Ice as far as the eye can see near the St. Joseph Lighthouse on January 7, 2014 by Jerry Joanis Photography

The beacon on the South Pier in St. Joseph. Photo courtesy of Josh Nowicki.

An up-close view of the frozen St. Joseph lighthouse. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @obrainys.

Waves crash against the icy South Haven Lighouse. Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Johnsy Jones.

A wintry Grand Haven Pier captured by Facebook Fan Amy LaVigne.

Which frozen lighthouse photo is your favorite? Have you seen anything like this in your area? 

From our Community: Winter in Pure Michigan

Today marks the first day of winter! In celebration of that, we asked fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ “what does winter in Pure Michigan mean to you?” Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite responses.

“Beautiful snow and frozen lakes” – Cee Jay

SnowFest in Frankenmuth!” – Sue Kato

“It means coming home just in time for Christmas with the family” – Tamisha Janay

“time to get out the snowboard” – Jaidin Heether

“Beautiful snowy woods and cross country skiing” – Elizabeth Marie Northrop

“Ice fishing!!!” – Felicia Smith

Ice fishing and snowmobiles!” – Cody Dost

“Beautiful snow touched pines, and the quiet that a nice snow cover brings to the outdoors.” – Nicole Sigler

“Fun in the snow!” – Satchi Walsh

“Cold, Beautiful, Crisp Air, Prelude to Spring.” – Carol Visser

“My birthday, and snowboarding!!” – Amanda Rappuhn

“Taking photos of ice, slush, snow, frost…” – Aaron Cruz

“Pure Beauty.” – Timothy J Bell

If your answer is missing, share with us in the comments section below! For information on things to do and see this winter in Michigan, visit michigan.org/winter.