Pure Michiganders Celebrate the 4th of July

We wanted to know how our fans on Facebook and Twitter were celebrating the 4th of July weekend in Pure Michigan. So we asked, and you answered. This is what we learned.

You enjoyed the beach

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A South Haven Sunset

Amanda Torrens shares her “Pure Michigan Moment,” a brief escape from graduate school to watch a gorgeous sunset at Lake Michigan.

Photo credit - Michigan Travel IdeasPhoenix Street is crowded as tourists mingle with locals walking to South Haven’s harbor and beach. It’s just after 7 p.m.—still a couple hours before sunset. A horse-drawn carriage waits to give paying customers a fairy-tale ride, and Harvey, the horse, patiently swishes his tail in response to the passersby who stroke his nose, pet his neck and give him well-meaning pats on the head. A ride sounds like fun, but I came for the sunset.

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Beach Reflection

Special thanks to Guest blogger Courtney Decker Bradford for detailing her optimism for the upcoming seasons, and a personal reflection of another beautiful Michigan summer!

Sunset in Ludington

As I sit on the beach as dusk falls, I am in awe of the vibrance of one of God’s brilliant creations – the sunset.  The boats drifting in with the backdrop of sun and seagulls leads to reflection.  Not the sun’s reflection on the water but my reflection – I reflect over the past months as summer reaches its end in this great State.  I remember my family’s dinner at “The Hamlin” restaurant in Ludington and our trip to “31 Flavors” where large amounts of ice cream were consumed without guilt.  I smile as I reminisce over the long walk through the woods to a more private beach area in Saugatuck.

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