2011 Pure Michigan Ads

We have enjoyed sharing the latest Pure Michigan TV and radio spots with our fans on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as they became available, but there’s a chance you may have missed one or two. Or, maybe you saw an ad on TV, but when you mentioned it to a friend, they hadn’t seen it.

With that in mind, we have rounded up all of the radio and TV ads shown (so far) in 2011. We are happy that the commercials continue to feature the voice of Michigan’s own Tim Allen. You can easily share the ads with friends and family, and they too can understand why one particular ad gave you chills or made you tear up.
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Tim Allen and Pure Michigan

Tim AllenIt’s official! We’re an unbeatable combination!

Today, Tim Allen confirmed what we knew all along – the Pure Michigan Ads are among his best work.  In an article for AdAge published today, Allen talks about his pride in being a Michigander, and his enjoyment in being the voice of Pure Michigan.

Tim Allen’s voice work for the Pure Michigan campaign is one of the key reasons for the campaign’s success.  We don’t think Forbes would have named Pure Michigan one of the All-time 10 Best Tourism Promotion Campaigns Worldwide last week without Tim Allen’s contribution to this effort.

Thanks, Tim, for your dedication over the years.  We couldn’t be more proud to have you as our voice!