Finding Balance at the Water’s Edge

Photo by Sue Beth BalashThere’s definitely a chill in the night air now and the water temps are cool.  If you’re not going to be cooling off in the sparkling great lake waters this fall, why not create a little shoreline art in your favorite Michigan location. 

At the Lake Michigan beach in Charlevoix, that’s exactly what our “kids” decided to do.  Our three young adults were not content to just lie on the sand wishing the water wasn’t so cold.  Inspired by the British nature artist/photographer, Andy Goldsworthy, they ventured to the shore to connect with nature and find balance.

It’s called “rock stacking”.  It’s the same thing you did with wooden blocks in your living room several decades ago, but this time the building blocks are treasures found in the shallow waters around Michigan (a different sort of toy box).

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