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  • Dive Into Craft Beer | Blackrocks Brewery

    Dive Into Craft Beer | Blackrocks Brewery

    Blackrock’s Brewery may be small, but their craft beer is mighty. From beers brewed throughout the year like Grand Rabbits Cream Ale to seasonal favorites such as North Third Stout, Blackrocks rocks!

  • The craft beer craze is sweeping Michigan, making it fifth in the nation in the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs. Bolstered by the Great Lakes and nurtured by the glacier rich soil, here awaits a brewer’s paradise. With countless varieties of styles and tastes, Michigan is on tap to pour your new favorite. And what better place to try seasonal beers than a place that truly experiences all four seasons. Pack up your palate and go on one of our brewery tours. Get started with the breweries map; then raise a pint and toast fresh taste of Michigan craft beer.