City Tours

  • Let's see the sights in world-class cities. Let's tour the college towns. The country towns. The beach towns and the border towns. Let's marvel at the bridges, sky-scrapers, sculptures and stadiums. Let's visit the museums, the boutiques, the galleries, the five-star restaurants and the local diners. Let's get in the car and drive to where all there is to see in every city and town is Pure Michigan. 
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Great Lakes Circle Tours
The Great Lakes Circle Tour is a designated, scenic road system connecting all of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.

Mackinaw City, Day Trips
Save the hassle of packing your belongings time after time and let us be your home away from home. Rich in history and beauty, the Mackinaw area offers many ideal destinations a short drive away.

Ann Arbor......Film Tour
Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities have served as the background for more than 30 projects that have filmed in Michigan, and have also been a popular destination for stars, directors and producers when they are not filming.

Detroit...Discover...Motown Movie Magic
Detroit has provided filming locations for more than 60 feature films, television series and other digital media productions, many of which are featured in a new Detroit Film Locations Tour map produced by the Michigan Film Office.

Downtown Grand Rapids Walking Tour
Slip on your comfortable shoes for a fun, fascinating look at one of Michigans cleanest, safest, most dynamic downtowns. The route is only a mile or so long but it takes you all the way from Berlin to Vietnam!

West Michigan....Film Tour
Filmmakers have discovered and embraced West Michigans passion, creativity and majestic beauty filming scenes up and down the Lake Michigan coastline. From Traverse City to Kalamazoo, explore destinations featured on the silver screen.

Blue Coast Artists Driving Tour
Travel the scenic Blue Star Highway and back roads between South Haven and Saugatuck to discover a distinctive and diverse community. The Blue Coast Artists cultural heritage tour is a treasure trove offering a behind-the-scenes look into the studios talented working artisans, agri-tourism farms, wineries and sites within quintessential towns.

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