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Bridgewater is located in  Washtenaw County and is approximately 15 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. The River Raisin runs through the western part of the township.

Clinton Summerfest & Antique Tractor Show - event
Clinton Summerfest and Antique Tractor Show - event
Ann Arbor Book Festival - event
Ann Arbor Portraits - event
Promenade Tecumseh Home Tour & Art In The Park - event
Taste of Ann Arbor - event
Ann Arbor Restaurant Week - event
Downtown Tecumseh Classic Car & Bike Show & Music in the Park - event
ARTBus: Art in the Market - event
Exhibit - Albert Kahn: Under Construction - event
Exhibit: Siebren Versteeg: LIKE II - event
Summer School Special - package / deal
In Focus Exhibition: Jeanne Gang - event
Exhibition of Manuel Álvarez Bravo: Mexico's Poet of Light - event
Dexter Memorial Day Parade - event
Milan Community Fair - event
Cinetopia Film Festival - event
Albert Kahn: Under Construction - event
Ann Arbor Summer Festival - event
Mayor's Green Fair - event
Ya'ssoo Greek Festival - event
Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road - event
Catie Newell: Overnight - event
Exhibition: Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road - event
Exhibition: Catie Newell: Overnight - event
“My Turn” Special ASD Access Hours - event
The Connoisseurs' Legacy: The Collection of Nesta and Walter Spink - event
Guided Tour of Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road - event
Family Art Studio: Japanese Design - event
Guided Tour of Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Mexico's Poet of Light - event
In Conversation: Through the Looking Glass, Nightly - event
Free Boat Wash - event
Trail Hiking - event
Free Fishing Frenzy Games - event
Boating Safety - event
African American Downtown Festival - event
BilletProof: Motor City Mania - event
Curtain Call - news
Snowsports Calorie Burn - news


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