Labor Day at Nahma

Labor Day at Nahma

Labor Day at Nahma draws about 2,500 people annually. Old time family events, a parade, a car show, music and good food are a venue for a great time.


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Nahma is a historic lumbering/saw mill community that was established as early as 1856. In the Heydays of the Big Bay de Nocquet Company (lumber) the company employed over 1,200 workers. After the timber resource was exhausted the entire town of Nahma was put up for sale in 1951. This was featured in Life Magazine. Nahma is located in Nahma Township. Nahma’s northern township border is just 19 miles from Lake Superior.

Nahma Township is a sportsman fantasy. The abundance of water, open public land and wildlife create a condition for fisherman, hunters, trappers, boaters, kayakers, off road riders, hikers and all outdoorsman where many sporting opportunities can be undertaken all in the same area. Nahma Township being in the Hiawatha Nation Forest and abutting the over 107,000 acres of Big Bay de Noc is a prime recreation location for those that live in the area and those that plan to visit the Upper Peninsula. Gordon Lightfoot’s song captures Big Bay de Noc out from Nahma: “Old (Lake) Michigan steams like a young man’s dream; the Islands and Bays are for Sportsman”.