Dirty Dash

This event occurred in the past.
From: Everett A. Cummings Event Center


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(810) 736-7100
6130 Mt. Morris Rd.
Mt. Morris, MI 48458
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The Dirty dash is a mud-run obstacle course where a military boot-camp meets your inner five-year-old's fantasy and subsequently converts boy to man and then man to swine. You'll need endurance to trudge up mountains of sludge, courage to overcome uncompromising obstacles, a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud, and a smile to show through at the end! So let this mud run-obstacle course become your new guilty pleasure. Go solo or with some of your dirtiest, filthiest, and uncouth friends. Either way, you'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say , "I am a Dirty Dasher!"...and then proceed to clean yourself off.