Old Man in Love - Performance

This event occurred in the past.
From: Erickson Center for the Arts


In: Curtis
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(906) 586-9974
N9246 Saw-Wa-Quato St.
PO Box 255
Curtis, MI 49820
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The Erickson Center for the Arts presents Old Man in Love, a one man, two act play, written and performed by Jay Stielstra. Showtime is Saturday, June 29th at the Erickson Center in Curtis at 7:30pm. The play features an old man reminiscing about the great loves of his life: the women, and the woods and waters of the Great Lakes country. He shares his memories through monologues, songs, and poetry. The old man begins by tracing his ancestry, then his childhood and young manhood. The first act ends in his middle years with his recollection of a love affair that ended sadly. In the second act, the old man faces his own mortality; but even more sadly he faces bereavement, the loss of his great loves: water to pollution, woods and meadows to development, and friends and lovers to death. Still he’s an upbeat old character and, at the end, leaves everyone singing “about this old love of mine, where an old empty beer can kin buy a man a dime.” Tickets are $15 and are available in advance at the Erickson Center’s office or by phone at (906) 586-9974. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door.

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