Paramodel | Exhibit

This event occurred in the past.
From: University of Michigan - Museum of Art

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8/30/2014 - 1/4/2015
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(734) 764-0395
525 S. State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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This exhibition will present Paramodel, an art collaborative established by two contemporary Japanese artists, Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yûsuke Nakano, in Osaka in 2001. Paramodel works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, video, and photography, often combining pieces in site-specific installations that seek to construct a parallel world of “play” intersecting with the real world. For UMMA’s exhibition, Paramodel will create a new installation derived from their most famous series, paramodelic-graffiti. In a mesmerizing network of blue-colored model railroads that fill flat surfaces in and beyond the gallery, the installation will transgress the boundaries of space, media, and art production, collapsing the distinction between gallery and street; between two-dimensional drawing and three-dimensional object; and between creator and spectator. The exhibition will create an experience for visitors full of what the team calls “paradoxes.” Though they’ve shown extensively in Asia and Europe over the past ten years, this marks Paramodel’s first solo exhibition of work in the United States. The collaborative recently presented a solo exhibition at the Hermès Foundation in Paris.