Film Tours

  • Looking For New Destinations? New Experiences? Want to get Up-Close-and-Personal?

    Tour the movie locations where you can follow in the steps of the stars! See where the movies were filmed! Discover the interesting "behind the scenes" stories of the actors...where they stayed...their favorite restaurants during filming...funny mishaps...and more.
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Anatomy of A Murder
The stately Marquette County Courthouse, with its commanding view of the city and Lake Superior, was the setting for this famous trial in the last century.

Batman v Superman Tour
Embark on a journey to great destinations in the city of Detroit, used to film many scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Earn awards, take custom photos, and view imagery and videos from the movie as you tour the buildings and areas that served as backdrop to this thrilling movie.

Somewhere in Time

Travel Back in Time to the Year 1912 Visit Mackinac Island and relive this romantic fantasy, where famous scenes were shot and residents still talk about being film extras and meeting the actors. "Somewhere in Time" is one of America's most beloved romances starring Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour and Christopher

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