• Shipwrecks - Alpena

    Shipwrecks: Up Close and Personal

    Alpena Shipwreck Tours aboard the glass-bottom boat Lady Michigan offer adventure excursions to the wrecks of Thunder Bay's Shipwreck Alley. View shipwrecks, scenic shorelines and lighthouses.

    Photo courtesy of Alpena CVB

  • Getaway to Alpena, Michigan.


    Alpena embodies the haven from the stresses of everyday life: the culturally rich place to relax and a sanctuary to rejuvenate, and inspire the happy, healthy and creative you. A port in the storm. It's what sailors have always searched for when the weather took a turn for the worst. Isn't that what we're all looking for in these days of shouting headlines? Our friendly, historic city may be just what the doctor ordered. We've turned the volume down and slowed the pace a bit so you can relax, rejuvenate and discover your family all over again. So turn your back to the wind and discover a place as close as a few hour's drive, but as far away as you'll ever need to be.

  • Alpena Weather

    CLOUDY, humidity 77%, barometer 30.25,
    wind 10 mph N
    Rather cloudy and breezy
    28°F | 13°F
    Rather cloudy and breezy
    Sunshine and patchy clouds
    30°F | 16°F
    Sunshine and patchy clouds
    Times of sun and clouds
    32°F | 21°F
    Times of sun and clouds
    Partly sunny
    34°F | 25°F
    Partly sunny
    Mostly cloudy
    37°F | 29°F
    Mostly cloudy

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