• Detroit Another World

    Detroit Another World

    Explore museums and shopping boutiques, share in the local customs, sample rare delicacies and bond with exotic wildlife. Venture out into Greater Detroit, where a whole world of discovery is Pure Michigan.

  • America's Great Comeback City 

    Detroit. We’re a city on the comeback. New restaurants and retail are everywhere. A walkable downtown riverfront is full of activity. Nightlife and theater scenes are eclectic and the streets are high energy with year-round festivals.

    We’ve got classic cultural attractions and a few exclusives: the Henry Ford, America’s greatest history attraction; the Motown Historical Museum; a first-of-its-kind Arab-American museum and the nation’s largest dedicated to the African-American experience. Enjoy three 24/7 casinos, championship sports and all kinds of ethnic eats.

    Come and feel Detroit’s energy. And make new friends.

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