Grand Rapids

  • Experience Grand Rapids

    Experience Grand Rapids

    Experience the creative energy of Grand Rapids. Dazzling art and culture, awesome dining and nightlife, inspiring natural beauty and exhilarating community spirit. Stroll our walkable downtown jam-packed with more than 100 restaurants, clubs, theaters and museums.

  • America's #1 Place to Visit, Grand Rapids, Michigan  

    Groupon ranked Grand Rapids as the top tourist destination for 2015. What's the appeal?

    The most vibrant downtown between Chicago and Cleveland.

    World-renowned art scene.

    World-class craft breweries.

    Fascinating museums and historic sites.

    Deliciously innovative farm-to-fork restaurants.

    Access to Lake Michigan's:  spectacular beaches, soaring sand dunes and dazzling sunsets.

    Experience this year's top travel pick - Grand Rapids! 

  • Grand Rapids

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