Industry Extranet Guide

Our team at Travel Michigan and the MEDC is pleased to announce the launch of the new Industry Extranet system. We welcome you to log in to review and manage your listing, deals and event information for
Since this is your first peek into the new system, we need you to reset your password to something memorable. Visit and enter your email address to receive a link to reset your password. Moving forward, your email address is your username.
If you do not yet have an account set up, visit and click on “Request a New Account.” This may take 3-5 business days in order for you to receive notice that you are set up and able to login. From there, visit the password reset page above and proceed as directed.
Once logged in, the left-hand navigation will guide you to each section to review and edit your information. Please see below this notice for step-by-step instructions.
If you have trouble or questions while using the system, please contact the Travel Michigan/MEDC support team at While we have strived to ensure that this new platform is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to navigate independently, please know that we're standing by to help assist with any questions you may have, and will be following up with you periodically over the next few weeks to offer additional assistance and training as needed.
Links of Note:  
Please reference the entire guide Industry Extranet Guide.pdf and bookmark for your records.  

Thank you!