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Birding in Traverse City

Every spring, Traverse City witnesses the return of its snowbirds the hundreds of part-time residents who spend their winters farther south. But they're not the only birds who start arriving with the spring thaws.

Cabin Fever Remedies

Now that spring is just around the corner, we have a line-up of fun, educational and even taste-teasing ways to get out and about to see, explore, savor or just have fun. So, forget clipping coupons, signing up for daily specials and waiting for the right season. Check out these suggestions and almost all are free to take advantage of right now!

Celebrate the Holiday Season Traverse City Style

Tired of trudging through the Big Box stores, then head to Traverse City for retail adventuring in the many boutiques, galleries, and shops of the Grand Traverse area. Special events, shopping weekends, and holiday cheer await.

Come to Traverse City for Fall Color - and More

For generations, leaf-peepers have been coming to Traverse City for its annual autumn display. They know that its rolling ridges, lush forests and brilliantly blue lakes are the perfect backdrop for fall color.

Curtain Call

Experience unexpected passion and unusual presentation when you visit Michigan's fine art galleries, cultural institutions and performing arts venues located in every corner of the state.

Experience the Waterfront of Tall Ships Port of the Year, Bay City

This spring, a small, waterfront town on Lake Hurons Saginaw Bay made big waves in the world of sailing as it once again climbed the mast to the top of the Tall Ship world.

Fall for Family Fun In an RV

Family vacations are the foundation of many cherished memories--and spending those treasured times traveling in a recreation vehicle gives families a special way to connect. Fall in Michigan provides the perfect backdrop to create some of those magical memories. Get ready—it’s time to spend a weekend sharing the tastes, smells, sounds and wonders of a family-style Pure Michigan fall getaway from an RV.

For the Love of the Arts

Mackinac Arts Council has enhanced Michigan’s picturesque Mackinac Island with world-class programs encompassing music, film, workshops and more.

Gear up for the 19th Annual Deer Widows Weekend at the Midwest’s Largest Outlet Mall

Here in Pure Michigan, deer hunting is serious business. But, believe it or not, there are some who take opening day just as seriously as the hunters themselves. The brave. The many. The Deer Widows.

Get a Taste of Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor area is a veritable Foodie Paradise, offering a wealth of options for absolutely every taste.

Great Lakes

Michigans very name is rooted in the Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian word for large lake, and its handprint on the earth, the mitten-like Lower Peninsula and jagged-edged Upper Peninsula, is shaped by four of the five Great Lakes: Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior. Sailors called them the Sweetwater Seas.

Harness the Horsepower

Saddle up and see the Michigan countryside on a short trail ride, day trip or overnight adventure. Whether you’re an old hand or a greenhorn, the horse handlers will do their best to match a mount to your level of experience on guided trails, open pasture lands and indoor arenas. So, go ahead and harness the horsepower, partner!

Harvest Time Dining Spotlight

Savor the flavors of autumn’s bounty at farm-to-table restaurants and let your taste buds explode with the zests, spices and sensations of locally-grown fruits, vegetables roots and herbs. See how local ingredients, creativity and passion raise our featured restaurants to delicious heights. We invite you to experience Pure Michigan at its purest as skilled chefs create mouth-watering cuisines and decadent desserts!


No matter where you decide to vacation in Michigan there is a hiking, biking or water trail ready and waiting.

Insider Tips for Wolverine Game Days

While some are heading back to school — in Ann Arbor, we’re preparing for our favorite team to return to the gridiron! Whether you’re coming to town to cheer on the Wolverines or representing the opposition, game day in Ann Arbor is a major event. Check out our list of insider tips to get the most out of football in Wolverine country.

It's Cider Time

Gala, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Paula Red, Winesap—a beautiful crimson palette sweeps over Michigan farm markets, produce stands and cider mills as summer makes its exit. As autumn paints Michigan in vibrant hues of russet and gold, you’ll agree it’s time to head out to any of the more than100 cider mills that welcome visitors in September and October.

Learn Your Game or Bring Your Game to Mackinac Island

Bring the entire family to Mackinac Island—Michigan’s premier summer resort destination--to either enjoy the Island’s outdoor activities or to learn, play and master sports like golf, tennis and horseback riding. From beginner to novice, you can improve your skills level of these outdoor activities while enjoying this one-of-a-kind, world-class vacation venue.

Michigan's Freshwater Seas

Take advantage of sunny skies and warm days to explore our Great Lakes and experience the many activities, sites and pleasures that our lakes and beaches make possible. From lighthouse tours to sand dunes, from shipwrecks to scuba diving and from deep-sea fishing to yacht racesour Great Lakes beckon you to our shores.

Peak Color for October 16, 2014

This week, Michigan’s fall color explosion continues to make its way across the state as majestic oaks and mighty maples wrap the state with color.

Peak Color for October 2, 2014

A full palette of fall colors are cascading throughout Michigan this fall, and it's the perfect time to experience Mother Nature in her most beautiful state.

Peak Color for October 23, 2014

Michigan’s peak color is in full swing across the Lower Peninsula. Be sure to get out and experience this magnificent show of dazzling color before the final curtain falls.

Peak Color for October 9, 2014

Michigan's fall color show is heating up, which means peak conditions are fast approaching and now's the perfect time to start planning your fall color tour!

Peak Color for September 18, 2014

Peak fall color is fast approaching in Pure Michigan, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning your fall color tour!

Peak Color for September 25, 2014

Michigan's fall color show is heating up, which means peak conditions are fast approaching and now's the perfect time to start planning your fall color tour!

Scuba Diving and Underwater Exploration

Break out your diving gear and explore sunken ships, take a virtual tour of shipwrecks via live video feeds, or enroll in a class to learn basic scuba diving skills.

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