Ann Arbor's Eclectic Flavor

Ann Arbor RestaurantTake a tour of upscale shops, quaint bookstores, diverse restaurants and a thriving downtown with brewpubs, coffee houses and various and sundry gift shop types through the recollections as a blogger that shares warm memories of a favorite Michigan college town.

Whether its Facebook, Twitter, or blogging--our social media fans provide some of the best destination tips for planning your next Pure Michigan getaway.

For the inside scoop on a communitys upscale shops, old-fashioned bookstores, restaurants, charming coffee houses, brewpubs and art galleries, youll want to check out this must-visit southeastern Michigan community from the reflections of one of our recent blog contributors.

This Pure Michigan social spotlight focuses on a post from Pure Michigan Connect and an award-winning journalist, who has a fancy for all things elective and a special affinity for Ann Arbor, home to the University of Michigan, one of the country's most prestigious public universities. Enameled by the citys fine dining, unmatched cultural opportunities, and world-class attractions, our blogger entices you to and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Ann Arbor's Electric Flavor.

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