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The crackle of a campfire, toasted marshmallows, a chorus of chirping crickets, and millions of stars overhead: nothing compares to the pleasures of spending a night in the great outdoors. The natural beauty of the woods and water, abundant recreational activities, and camaraderie of other campers create a Pure Michigan experience.

Pure Michigan Outdoors

Pack a picnic lunch, grab the beach towels and sand buckets, restock the tackle box and fishing gear, load the kids in the car—it’s time for a day at the park.

Romantic Sojourns

Feeling a little romantic? With hundreds of cozy bed & breakfast inns, charming historic cottages and delightful resort communities--Michigan's the place you'll want to be this winter.

Golden Pastures and Amish Splendor

Country lanes, lazy streams, Victorian streetscapes and Amish treasures—Southwestern Michigan is a mecca for nostalgia, wholesome living and plain pleasures.

Rejuvenate at a Northern Michigan Spa Resort

Treat yourself to an invigorating spa visit and prepare to sooth sore muscles after a day on northern Michigan ski slopes. Area resorts offer a lavish array of therapeutic spa services to relax the body, mind and spirit.

Historic Inns

Weary travelers have been resting their heads and finding nourishment at inns along Michigan roads and highways since the early 1800s. Some of these historic establishments still welcome guests for an overnight stay, a satisfying meal and a refreshing beverage.

Relax and Rejuvenate on Mackinac Island

World-renown Mackinac Island is a perfect example of an ideal Pure Michigan getaway. The dreamland destination attracts nearly one million visitors each year to experience this one-of-a- kind paradise—a filled with nostalgia and intrigue, where you won’t find a single chain hotel.

State Park Winter Lodging

When planning a winter trip to cross country ski or snowmobile, the necessary requirements for a top destination include decent snow, accessibility to a network of trails and some sort of cozy lodging.

Traverse City Golf — Something Completely Different

Well-designed golf courses, scenic drives, culture, fine dining, winery tours, brew pubs, shopping and so much more—discover why a Traverse City golf getaway is so much more than a game on the green.


Michigan has all the bells and whistles at 23 casinos in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. As a bonus, casinos are located in scenic areas of the state, from gently rolling wine country to Motown and the scenic landscape of the Upper Peninsula, so you can plan a great vacation touring the best of all that Michigan has to offer, indoors and out.

Showing 1-10 of 19
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