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Upland Hat Trick In The Eastern UP

This year marks the first time in many years that upland bird hunters in Michigan have the chance to pursue a hat trick in upland birds.

Song Dogs: When You Are The Hunted

Sometimes it's a good lesson in life to be the hunted, to make yourself if not vulnerable, at least the object of stomach-growling desire. Exciting doesn't half describe it. "It" being the act, and definitely the art, of predator hunting. Coyotes specifically in this case.

Find the Perfect Fall Hunting Spot with DNRE's Interactive Online Mapping Tool

Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment issued the following press release to remind everyone of the Mi-HUNT interactive map.

Go Ahead, Sleep In Tomorrow for Turkeys

Gobbles rang out when the sun finally kissed the sky. First from the ridge, then the swamp. Lots of gobbles. Close gobbles. Turkey heaven.

Grasslands and Mossy Horns

For most people, when the subject of Michigan white-tailed deer comes up an immediate image is flashed through their collective brains.

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