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Ice Hikes

For the next several months, the nearest Great Lake offers a gallery of some of nature's greatest ice sculptures

Candle-Lit Skiing A Hit at Michigan State Parks

Cross country skiing opens the door to unique winter experiences.

Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Shipwrecks

Break out your scuba gear and explore sunken ships, or steady your land legs and take a virtual tour of shipwrecks via live video feeds.

Geocaching in Michigan

Geocaching is a fun activity that more and more people are trying.

Make Mackinac Island Memories Shine this Holiday Season

For most, memories of Michigan’s crown jewel, Mackinac Island, include warm sunny days strolling along Main Street, the clip clop of horses taking visitors from around the world to the various attractions on the island.

Things to do at the Sleeping Bear Dunes

What’s there to do at Sleeping Bear other than run up and down the dunes? We have some suggestions for you!

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing on Nordic trails across gently rolling terrain is another way to experience Michigan’s snow season. Many resorts, ski areas, and State Parks offer trails for x-c skiers and snowshoeing, and also rent equipment.

Michigan's Great Lakes

Michigan is the land of the inland seas -- The waters of Michigan's Great Lakes lap against 3,200 miles of Michigan coastline onto sandy beaches and rocky shores, dotted with more than 100 public beaches, and two National Lakeshores.

Showing 1-9 of 9