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Ice Fishing

Some experienced anglers say that winter is the best time to fish, because with warm weather gone, so are the weeds. Ice fishing can be a fun and rewarding experience in Pure Michigan.

The Casting Hook-up

You’ve got the rod, reel, flies, vest, chest pack, waders—and all of the supplies. Now, you’re ready to sink your hook for a great catch of lake trout, brown trout, walleye, salmon, steelhead and bass—these are just some of the species you're sure to catch fly fishing Michigan's lakes and streams.

Great Lakes Exploits

Check out Michigan’s Great Lakes heritage adventures, discover big fish tales, explore lighthouse lore, or bed-down for the night aboard a historic sailing vessel—our Maritime and fishing history is full of fun, excitement and intrigue.

The Eastern Upper Peninsula: Triple Crown For Perch

Come February, and lasting through the last ice of April, the perch fishing just gets better and better. In the eastern U.P. there are three places, all close together, where the perch fishing can simply be the best.

Southwest Michigan Lakes' Unusual Resident

Recreational fishing has changed significantly over the course of Michigan’s history.

Dr. Teeth, AKA Northern Pike

Walleye and perch seem to get the most attention among ice anglers. Sure there are the tried and true whitefish and herring fellows, both spearers and bait anglers, but these are certainly in the minority. One fish that just doesn’t get much respect is the northern pike.

Get Ice Ready Now!
It’s Cool to Prepare Your Angling Gear Now Instead of the Night Before

It’s the night before your first ice fishing trip of the winter, and you’re looking at what you thought was your organized tackle box and rod and reel combo and your ice tent, all ready go, when what you really encounter is a jumbled compilation of stuff you threw into a garage corner at the end of last season.

Cold Steel

Fall fish are much more feisty than their spring cousins. There's nothing like fall steelheading in Michigan.

The Fish May Be Biting but the Ice is Thinning

Unseasonable warm weather has struck the State of Michigan, and it appears that above freezing temperatures will be the norm through the next week. While this has certainly turned on the fisheries from Saginaw Bay to Lake Gogebic, it has also resulted in a few close calls.

Women—Get Hooked on Charter Fishing

Women, the call is out! Bring your best girlfriends, your choice tunes, wine and cheese, cameras and smartphones, fish tales, laughter, a great appetite for adventure—now, you’re ready for a “girls” charter fishing excursion.

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