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Arts and Science Warm Ups

Are you looking for that perfect outing away from winter’s chill ? Then you need to check out Michigan’s rich legacy of science, artsy and historical attractions.

Great Lakes Exploits

Check out Michigan’s Great Lakes heritage adventures, discover big fish tales, explore lighthouse lore, or bed-down for the night aboard a historic sailing vessel—our Maritime and fishing history is full of fun, excitement and intrigue.

Cruising The Henry Ford

Feel the rush of the world’s premier automotive exhibition, Driving America. Tour a factory plant and see innovation at its best. Celebrate the 150th birthday of Henry Ford—the man, and revisit Depression-era history through an awe-inspiring exhibit—it’s all on display at The Henry Ford—voted a Top 10 Tourist Attraction by Family Fun Magazine.

A Must See Mackinac Island Museum

See this exciting history of Mackinac Island and it’s early inhabitants depicted in paintings, sculpture, Native American artifacts, captivating hands-on displays and various other artistic expressions.

Historic Inns

Weary travelers have been resting their heads and finding nourishment at inns along Michigan roads and highways since the early 1800s. Some of these historic establishments still welcome guests for an overnight stay, a satisfying meal and a refreshing beverage.

Indoor & Outdoor Kid Stuff

Looking for kid-approved activities and attractions to keep your youngsters busy this winter? Whether it’s a snow day or the weekend, kids lose themselves in fun indoor and outdoor pursuits that are guaranteed to please parents, too! Playing or learning, we have a few cool ideas to keep kids amused this season.

Set Anchor

Step back in time and tour a WWII submarine and a Prohibition-Era Coast Guard cutter; learn about underwater technology robotics; or become an honorary crew member of an historic vessel of the high seas.

Trekking Michigan’s African American Heritage

Celebrates Black History Month with lectures, museum exhibits, performances, hands-on activities, tours and great ethnic dishes at locations across Michigan.

Wheeling Through History

Calling all history buffs, car enthusiasts--and motor heads! Museums, historical centers and research venues around the state offer a number of hands-on activities, exhibits and plant tours to entertain and enlighten inquisitive minds of all ages.

Beacon Watch

For years, Michigan’s toweling beacons of safety have warned mariners of dangerous shoals and navigated them to safe harbors throughout the Great Lakes. Up and down the shoreline, Michigan’s iconic lighthouses continue to illuminate the state’s rich maritime history.

Showing 1-10 of 17
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