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Northern Exposure Cuisine

Irresistible specialties and unique creations entice visitors and residents alike throughout northern Michigan. So go ahead. Give in to temptation. You’ll be glad you did.

Pull Over for Pasties, Brews & Other UP Favorites

Out-of-towners pronounce it “PAY-stee,” but locals tell you it’s actually “PASS-tee.” Either way, restaurants and pasty shops serve the main-dish turnovers, fantastic local brews and mouth-watering menu choices all across the Upper Peninsula.

Traverse City is Michigan's Culinary Capital

Traverse City cuisine is the opposite of traditional: it’s an eclectic, relatively recent movement that borrows freely from other regional styles and relies heavily on imagination, boldness and spunk.

Spring Fling-Romantic Getaway

After winter’s long sleep, the beauty of Traverse City is at its fresh peak. The hills and valleys are misted in new greenery, the endless beaches are coming alive with warmth, and the air is filled with the scent of millions of flowering cherry trees.

The Traverse City Foodie Scene

Treat your palate to an electric array of fresh ingredients from local farms, forests, waters and orchards fueled by style, imagination, boldness and spunk—that’s the Traverse City culinary scene.

Western Upper Peninsula Foodways

From bakeries and wineries, to brewpubs and farmers markets--you're sure to be pleased with all the culinary delights Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula.

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