Doer. Mover. Maker. Which are You? Find out now and spark your inner genius at The Henry Ford.

Our 200 acres of invention, inspiration and innovation are a place unlike any other. Mind-blowing collections started by Henry Ford himself. It’s where people from all over the world come for unforgettable experiences that make yesterday feel like today — and spark new ideas for tomorrow. Spark your inner genius at The Henry Ford. 

Visitors aboard the Rosa Parks bus 
- Courtesy of The Henry FordAre you a dreamer?  Firsthand encounters with one-of-a-kind icons have the power to set your mind racing. Imagine walking into Henry Ford’s garage, taking a seat on the Rosa Parks bus and touring the Wright brothers' home and cycle shop. 

Wrighth Brothers presentation 
- Courtesy of The Henry FordMore of a doer? Other people’s audacious achievements get you itching to accomplish your own. Explore one of the greatest idea factories ever created — Thomas Edison’s lab, the workplace of America’s most prolific inventor. Or step into the house that is literally out of the box — Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House. (Photo: Wright Brother presentation)

Driving America 
- Courtesy of The Henry FordMaybe you’re a mover? Get a rush of excitement and a burst of creative energy when you explore our collection of Industrial Age engines, take a road trip through our Driving America,exhibition or experience America’s Greatest Manufacturing Experience at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. (photo of Driving America exhibit)

Pouring a molding 
- Courtesy of The Henry FordHow about a maker? When you work with your hands, you switch on your mind — and your thoughts simply flow. Join more than 400 makers for a two-day festival of wild ingenuity at Maker Faire Detroit. Then celebrate the ultimate maker, Henry Ford, by building a Model T. 

Discover your potential at The Henry Ford, America’s Greatest History Destination. 

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