Get a Taste of Ann Arbor

 Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant; Ann Arbor, MI 
- Courtesy of Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors BureauStart with simple: Le Dog, elevating soup and hot dogs to haute cuisine. Or engage in gurshaeating from the same plate and sharing the same bread at the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant. For pizza, Food and Wine recommends Mani Osteria in their recent list of the USA's Best New Pizza Places. If you prefer liquid calories, the Grange Kitchen & Bar offers the GKB Manhattan, a bacon-infused bourbon masterpiece. And if you can't make up your mind, theres still a destination for you: Marks Carts eight delicious food carts in one lively (and lovely) outdoor courtyard. 

Ann Arbor Brewing Company - Courtesy of Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors BureauAnn Arbors breweries are ready to whet your whistle. 

Working up a thirst? Leave the food aside (or bring your own) at Wolverine State Brewing Companys pub quiz night. Or go eco with the groundbreaking solar brews at Arbor Brewing Company. And, if you're still hankering for a snack, Original Gravity can help with mouthwatering brews and bites.  

Every Ann Arbor beginning should end at the Big Z. 

From the famous Ruben at Zingermans Deli, to award-winning fare at Zingermans Roadhouse, to the sweet satisfaction of the Zingermans Creamery, the Big Z is truly an Ann Arbor institution. They even ship their offerings via mail order. But we suggest you make the trip and see how Zingermans earned a spot on USA Todays Best Off the Interstate road trip list. 

Whats your specialty? 

Cherry Republic; Ann Arbor, MI - Courtesy of Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors BureauUnfortunately, you have to eat at home sometime. Get help from prep to post-meal at Ann Arbors specialty stores. Peruse the coolest chefs supplies at Hollanders Upstairs at Kerrytown Market & Shops, gather scrumptious seasonal ingredients at  Ann Arbor Farmers Market, pick out a bottle of fine wine at Morgan & York, or sample and purchase sweet and savory cherry treats at Cherry Republic.


If you're hungry to engage in the art of dining, theres only one destination Ann Arbor.