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Penn Theater
Weekend features cost just $3 at the Penn in Plymouth. Since opening in 1941, the downtown theater has undergone renovations, including a three-year period of closure, before reopening in 2006 (734/453-0870;

State Theater
It costs a quarter to see a flick on Wednesday and Saturday mornings (before noon) in Traverse City. The price reflects the original cost of a move in 1916, when the theater, originally known as the Lyric opened its doors. Wanting even more bargains? Movie patrons get free small popcorn on Tuesdays (231/947-4800;

Opera House
Looks can be deceiving at Cheboygans Opera House. A modern brick exterior leads to not only the magnificently restored 582-seat theater, but also houses city services such as City Hall, Fire and Police departments. For upcoming events, check the online calendar (231/627-5841;