Bygone Basics

Bygone Basics

Heritage Culinary and home experiences. Preserving our heritage through experiencing the lost home art of "putting food by." Re-Live an era when things were simpler, foods were natural, saving pennies was important, and people knew what was on their plate. Learn and Do; home canning, food preservation, jam & jelly making, butter churning, and baking items from "scratch". Also making soap and Cheese! This is the perfect experience for families, best friends, engaged couples, sisters, grandparents & grandchildren, and of course....visitors to this beautiful rural area. There is no better way to see the character and flavor of an area than through experiencing its food and heritage. Laugh...have fun with this; ask tough questions...learn a life skill. This is as lighthearted or as serious as you want it to be! Discover the simple pleasures of early American kitchens and rural farm life, local kitchenaire, Valerie Hanson opens the door to one of the lost (almost) cuisine arts. Join Valerie in her 1872 heritage home's kitchen where you’ll experience basics and tricks of bygone eras by recreating regional heritage foods & preserving abundant seasonal harvests using fascinating tools, techniques & recipes gained from many generations. Take what you make & shop for unique gifts at the Bygone Basics Pantry of soaps and jams.

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