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The Detroit Repertory Theatre is Michigan's longest running non-profit professional theatre. The Rep is known for its pioneer efforts in race, ethnic and gender transcendent casting and has remained true to its mission to educate the emotions and change the thoughts of its audiences. This bond has been the crux of its connection within the community. Rooted in an inner city neighborhood in the geographical center of Detroit, the Rep has been a steady, influential partner in the revitalization of the neighborhood. Throughout its 50 year history, the DRT has received numerous honors; awards; accolades; and critical acclaim for its theatrical accomplishments and community involvement. New York critic Julius Novick proclaimed in his book, Beyond Broadway "the Rep has shown, far better than some companies, with greater pretensions, what theatre can do, what it is for,"; Michigan honored the Rep with its highest artistic award, The Governor’s Arts Award; the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington D. C. recognized the DRT "for pioneer efforts to artistically serve the underserved"; and Howard University Alumni presented a plaque to the Rep for outstanding community service. The Rep’s impressive array of cultural and artistic achievements prompted Senator Carl Levin to proclaim on the floor of the U. S. Senate that the Detroit Repertory Theatre was a “cultural miracle and a gem of Detroit."

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13103 Woodrow Wilson

Detroit, MI 48238

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Reservations: (313) 868-1347

Phone: (313) 868-1347

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Detroit Repertory Theatre Events

The Realization of Emily Linder - Detroit

Date: 11/30/16 - 12/23/16

Firepower - Detroit

Date: 01/05/17 - 03/12/17

Capital - Detroit

Date: 03/23/17 - 05/14/17

Countdown to the Happy Day - Detroit

Date: 05/25/17 - 06/25/17