Dundee Jerky Outlet

Dundee Jerky Outlet

The Beef Jerky Outlet in Dundee, Michigan features the best selection of premium beef jerky in the country, period. All of our beef jerky is made from whole muscle meat, mostly top round. When you see our store your eyes will light up; you’ll want to get in and see what it’s all about. Come inside and try some of our more than 200 different kinds of jerky, including exotics like alligator and kangaroo. We have some other items too — sausages, hot sauce, flavored popcorn, peanut butter — but make no doubt about it: beef jerky is what we’re all about.

Dundee Jerkey Outlet

Contact Information


109 Cabela Blvd. E

Dundee, MI 48131

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Phone: (734) 529-3000


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