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Faygo celebrates its 100th anniversary with year-long promotions and a 120-page Centennial Recipe Book. Faygo, which is still bottled at the Gratiot Avenue facility in Detroit that Faygo Beverages purchased in 1935, has added many new flavors over the years. The original Faygo flavors were based on cake frosting recipes from its Russian immigrant founders, who were bakers. Midwest folk call their soda drinks, "pop" and attribute the term to Faygo because the bottles made a "pop" sound when opened. Faygo commercials were so popular that its "Faygo Boat Song" was #3 on the charts and sold 75,000 45rpm recordings in the 1960s.

Faygo Drinks

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3579 Gratiot Avenue

Detroit, MI 48207

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Phone: (313) 925-1600



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