Goodells County Park

Goodells County Park

Goodells County Park features 327 acres of scenic beauty for visitors enjoy. Exhibit barns, the St. Clair County Farm Museum and Historical Village including the Murphy/Ryan Farmhouse, Lynn Township School and the CC Peck & Company Bank, all icons of the 19th century Americana. The park also features a beautiful Butterfly Garden, a Nature Center, Community Building, pavilions, children's playground, walking and bike paths. The new Splashpad (currently under construction) features playfully moving water, controlled by computers and propelled by hydronic jets or gravity. The Splashpad is barrier free and universally accessible for people of all ages and physical abilities. Come and enjoy!

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8345 County Park Drive

Goodells, MI 48027

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Phone: (810) 989-6960

Fax: (810) 325-9025

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