High Five Pedal Tours

High Five Pedal Tours

Coming to Ann Arbor Spring 2016! - Sometimes, riding an eighteen person pedal trolley to tour Ann Arbor’s local breweries, restaurants, universities, and attractions, is necessary. High Five Pedal Tours is the bike you should use to do it. We love being outdoors, seeing new things and meeting new people, but most importantly, we enjoy introducing new people to new things. Our main goal is to provide all riders with great time and an extraordinary experience. Whether we’re on a craft beer tour, progressive restaurant tour, book store tour, or a custom tour of your choosing, we’ll aim to make sure you’re getting the fun you’re seeking. The establishments we’ve chosen within the list of set tours was hand-picked because we felt these businesses highlight the culture and history of Ann Arbor best. However, there are plenty of amazing places we did not include on our lists. If you’d like to go to places we don’t have listed, no problem! We’ll work with you to set up a custom tour. Your tour is waiting for you. Come experience Ann Arbor with us!

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