Hungerford Lake Recreation Area

Hungerford Lake Recreation Area

The Hungerford Recreation Area is a nonmotorized area consisting of over 6,500 acres of National Forest System lands. The area provides opportunities to hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski, horseback ride, mountain bike and enjoy the National Forests. The horseback riding and mountain biking trails are two separate trails. The two trails cross each other at several locations, but "You Are Here" maps are located at trail junctions to aid in navigation. The trail is marked with blue diamonds for the mountain bike trail with a bike symbol and blue diamonds with horses for the horse trail. Horseback Riding - There are over 35-miles of premier horse trails in the Hungerford Recreation Area. Mountain Biking - There are two-loops for mountain bikes, creating a 10-mile trail. Scenery and Topography - The trails go through heavily forested areas of oak, maple, aspen, and red and white pine. At times riders will cross or utilize roads. Parts of the trails are suitable for less experienced riders, while other segments offer a more experienced riding opportunity. The topography ranges from hilly to very hilly. Riders will experience a range in scenery as they ride through the heavily forested areas and into open fields and meadows.

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Forest Road 5134

Big Rapids, MI 49307

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Toll Free: (800) 821-6263

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