Ironwood Theatre

Ironwood Theatre

The Ironwood Theatre was built as a vaudeville/silent movie palace in 1928 under the direction of Architect Albert Nelson at a cost of $160,000. Under the leadership of A.L. Pikar, the theatre became the center of entertainment in the Ironwood area. The Hollywood Golden Age of the 30,s, 40s and 50s followed the Great Depression. The organ has been awarded registration as a “Heritage Instrument” by the American Theatre Organ Society for its restoration as an original theatre installation. The restored proscenium mural has quite a history of its own. The artistry of the original three-panel mural was designed and painted by William Hasenberg during the construction phase of the Ironwood Theatre in 1925-1926. Office is open Wednesday through Friday from noon to 4:30pm. All seats are reserved.

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109 E. Aurora St

Ironwood, MI 49938

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