Kettunen Center

Kettunen Center

Come experience the Kettunen Center for your next conference or retreat. The Kettunen Center is a relaxing, comfortable up north environment designed to encourage interaction and eliminate distractions. We have 160 acres of Northern Michigan rolling hills and forests, on beautiful Center Lake, provides beauty, serenity and tranquility in a natural setting. Kettunen Center has numerous meeting areas that inspire learning and encourage discussion, supported by state-of-the-art technology. Kettunen Center is a full service conference center owned and operated by the Michigan 4-H Foundation. The Center hosts a variety of conferences, retreats, and events throughout the entire year. Please call Kettunen Center to arrange a tour.

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14901 4-H Drive

Tustin, MI 49688

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Reservations: (231) 829-3421

Phone: (231) 829-3421

Fax: (231) 829-3633


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