Oaken Transformations Sculpture & Poetry Walk

Oaken Transformations Sculpture & Poetry Walk is an out-of-doors art tour, free to the public, dedicated to showcasing work by talented poets and artists with ties to the state of Michigan. Part nature walk, part meditative footpath, part art installation, the tour presents a unique physical space for poetry and a serene setting for sculptural work on consignment. Located in Brighton, Michigan, Oaken Transformations is invested in broadening an already growing arts community in Southeast Michigan. The art walk features renowned sculpture and juried poetry on a half-mile, gently wooded trail in Brighton, Michigan. We have woods and meadows and wetlands and all the nuance in between that could be said to represent post-glacial / post-industrial / southeastern Michigan woodland and with remnants of the rural: in these we begin to explore the many ironies and multi-faceted expressions of the state. If you lower your head to the ground you'll hear an old, strong, wet and windy pulse. Most of the sculptures here are on consignment, on year-long installations, while the poetry will remain indefinitely. We are a public art walk open every weekday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. We do not charge admission.

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6893 Grand River Rd.

Brighton, MI 48114

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Phone: (810) 229-9180


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