Wicker Basket Balloon Center

Wicker Basket Balloon Center

Have you ever gone for a hot air balloon ride? Wicker Basket Balloon Center invites you to enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure in a hot air balloon. Come aloft with us to rise above the ordinary and discover the romance of ballooning. Drift with the breeze above the treetops and behold breathtaking panoramic views of the scenic lakes and woodlands of southeastern Michigan’s landscape. You are flown by experienced FAA certified commercial pilots, each with impeccable safety records. While you are aloft, our dependable ground crew will constantly track your flight and are in radio communication with your pilot. When you approach the landing area, the ground crew will be there to assist with your arrival.

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50140 Pontiac Trail

Wixom, MI 48393

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Phone: (248) 624-5137

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