Road Trips and Tours

  • There’s something so spontaneous and free about just jumping in a car and going. Going to the lake. Going to the cabin. Just going where the wind takes us. Let’s take a drive away from our schedules and routines. To a sandy beach, a cozy bed and breakfast or a secluded trailhead. Someplace that right now is calling our name at the top of its rustic little voice. It’s time to go fishing. To go exploring. To experience firsthand some of Michigan’s small town treasures, miles of shoreline, forests and endless lakes and trails. Let’s plan a road trip to Michigan. With road trip ideas of all kinds available for us, we’ve got no reason to wait any longer. So grab the camera and your adventurous spirit and take a road trip to remember in Pure Michigan.
    • City Tours

      Detroit Riverwalk

      Find city tours in Michigan. Let's get in the car and drive to where all there is to see in every city and town is Pure Michigan.

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    • Fall Color Tours

      Fall Color Drive. Photo courtesy of Chrisopher Kierkus

      Find fall color tours in Michigan. It's when autumn arrives in Michigan on your next Pure Michigan travel adventure.

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    • Foodie Tours

      Salt of the Earth, Fennville

      From Michigan wineries to bakeries, our local food has something for every taste! Enjoy the smells and tastes of the Pure Michigan Foodie Tour.

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    • Heritage Tours

      Fayette Historic State Park, Garden. Photo courtesy of Dinaya Wendy Needham

      Discover the great history of Michigan. Embark on a heritage tour of automotive factories, historic battle grounds and the windswept dunes of Pure Michigan.

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    • Maritime Tours

      Mackinaw City

      Find Maritime Tours in Michigan. When the legends are our guides, the maritime tours are Pure Michigan.

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    • Wine and Beer Trails

      Old Mission Point Wine Trail. Photo courtesy of Traverse City Tourism

      For those who love the finer tastes in life, a trip to Pure Michigan Wine and Beer Trails is a perfect vacation destination. Plan a Pure Michigan Winery and Beer Tour now!

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