Ann Arbor......Film Tour

Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities have served as the background for more than 30 projects that have filmed in Michigan, and have also been a popular destination for stars, directors and producers when they are not filming.

The Ann Arbor region has been a favorite place for filmmakers shooting on location in Michigan.  Many of these locations are featured in the new Ann Arbor Film Locations Tour Map produced by the Michigan Film Office.

Were ready for our close-up. Ann Arbor is a place that embraces the unique and unusual: where art challenges the mind as much as it engages the eye and where trying a new taste is always on the menu. Along with surrounding areas, including the cities of Manchester, Saline and Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor provides a rare combination of small town charm and big city sophistication. With its diverse surroundingsincluding urban and rural settings, water and woods, historical and contemporary architecture and the University of Michiganthis region has quickly become a favorite for filmmakers from across the world. Producers, directors and stars have discovered and embraced the areas passion, creativity and strong work ethic. Its a perfect place for storytellers and moviemakers.