Travel Michigan Staff

  • Mailing address:
    300 N. Washington Square
    Lansing Michigan 48913
    (517) 335-4590
    fax: (517) 373-0059


    Travel Michigan Staff Listed Alphabetically 
    David West, Vice President
    Rochelle Caslavka, Executive Assistant - (517) 373-8748
    Assists the Vice President of Travel Michigan
    Bonnie Fink, Partnership Web Coordinator- (517) 335-6909
    Admin support for Pure Michigan partnerships. Responds to partnership inquiries. Manages partnership hot spot pages. Updates tourism property database.
    Michelle Grinnell, Travel Public Relations Manager - (517) 241-0251
    Manages all media and public relations activities. 
    Lori Langone, Research Specialist - (517) 241-6371
    Manages research to support the Pure Michigan advertising campaign and partnership program using data and reports from D.K. Shifflet & Associates, Ltd.: Longwoods International; Tourism Economics; STR, Inc.; the U.S. Travel Association; the Travel & Tourism Research Association; the National Travel & Tourism Office and other sources.
    David Lorenz, Industry Relations and International Marketing Manager (517) 335-0007
    Amanda Munson, Office Assistant - (517) 373-0671
    Assists the Industry Relations and International Marketing Manager. 
    Robin Peebles, E-Marketing and Publications Specialist - (517) 373-7462
    Manages the e-marketing program; oversees the Midwest Living corporate sponsorship and the production of Michigan Travel Guide magazine; and is the liaison to the cultural community.
    Gary Platte, Research Specialist - (517) 335-1877
    Manages MEDC web metrics using Hitwise, Google Analytics, ForeSee and other applications.
    Carol Royse, Web Specialist - (517) 373-3848
    Manages travel website and approves all content. Manages property profile and MiLeads system. Responses to calls for updates on property profiles. Liaison to partners on usage of property profile, MiLeads system. Oversees the Foodie Tours.
    Marilyn Schneider, Travel Tech - (517) 241-2605
    Responds to calls for updates of the events and deals/package databases. Approves events and deals/packages database.
    Ken Yarsevich, Advertising Specialist - (517) 335-4383
    Manages the advertising program and marketing contract; oversees the Marketing Partnership program.