• A Pure Michigan Winter

    A Pure Michigan Winter

    Pure Michigan winter means plenty of snow and a variety of adventures for everyone to enjoy. Ice climbing, dog sledding, tubing, ice sailing, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and so much more.

  • The forecast is in--a chance of snow. It’s a chance to conquer new hills and explore new trails. A chance to bundle up, get outside and laugh with the ones we love. Welcome to the winter wonderland of Pure Michigan.

    Whether tubing and sleddingice fishingdog sledding or hunting, Michigan winters offer outdoor enthusiasts, families and adventure seekers a chance to get their adrenalin pumping among glistening landscapes that only happen once a year.

    Michigan is home to 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails, 3,000 miles of cross country skiing trails, beautiful terrain for snowshoeing and much more. We are the birthplace of organized skiing and snowboarding and Michigan ranks second in the nation for number of skiing areas found across the state.

    There are indoor adventures, too. Museums, water parks, spas and romantic getaways entice hibernators to come out to play.

    So, grab your mittens and head outside because every day is a snow day in Pure Michigan.




    Snow Conditions

    More Bang for Your Buck

    Hit the Slopes

    • Downhill Skiing at Caberfae Peaks, Cadillac. Photo courtesy of IEnvision Photo
      Downhill Skiing
      Ranked second in the nation for number of ski areas, the powdery slopes of Michigan have been named the Midwest's Top Ski destination by SKI magazine.

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    Glide Into Quiet

    • Cross Country Skiing in Traverse City. Photo courtesy of Traverse City Tourism
      Cross Country Ski Trails
      Cross country skiing epitomizes the saying “it’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Enjoy the solitude of the snow as you breathe in nature’s splendor.

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    Sheddin' the Gnar 

    • Snowboarding a Shanty Creek. Photo courtesy of Midwest Living/Todd Zawistowski
      Snowboarding is one of the hottest winter sports. Grab a board and start hittin' jumps while stompn' the landing.

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    Skidoo the Snow

    • Snowmobile in Pure Michigan
      Snowmobile Trails
      Put on your helmet and rev it up. Wind through the woods or travel to your favorite sledding town on one of Michigan's 6,500 mile-network groomed trails.

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    Thrill of the Hill

    •  Snow Tubing Shanty Creek Resort 
      Tubing & Sledding
      Wiz by fellow sliders on a twisting, turning snow tube. Hang on tight to the toboggan’s ropes. No matter what you choose as your ride, the rush of screaming down the hill is off the chain.

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    Release Your Winter Wanderlust

    • Go snowshoeing at Grand Traverse Resort, Acme
      Take the trail less traveled. Hear the packed snow crunch underfoot as it pierces the winter silence. Snowshoeing is an ancient mode of exploration that stirs the senses and the soul.

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    Leader of the Pack

    • Drive your own sled dog team. Photo courtesy of Nature's Kennel
      Dog Sledding
      Leave it to man's best friend to supply a one-of-a-kind winter adventure. So bundle up, settle in and get ready to channel your inner explorer.

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    Ice, Ice Baby

    • Ice Climbing
      Ice Climbing
      Swing an axe into the ice and climb nature’s ladder. Whether ascending a low incline or attacking behemoth vertical ice, test your mettle as you ice climb the frozen wonders of Michigan.

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    Bag a Buck or a Duck

    • Winter Hunting
      Whether you’re camouflaged in a tree stand or following your dog’s lead, thousands of acres of prime hunting land will put your skills to the test. From big game to small, Michigan's winter is prime for the thrill of the hunt.

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    Auger Down

    • Try Ice Fishing in Pure Michigan
      Ice fishing is a time-honored sport. It can be a solitary endeavor or a chance to win bragging rights among family and friends. So rest on your pail or sit in a shanty and experience Michigan ice fishing.

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