Michigan World Record Holders

Today marks the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day! You may be surprised to learn that Michigan holds its fair share of records – from the unusual (most people wearing animal noses at the same time) to the near normal (world’s youngest professional drummer). In honor of this day, here’s a round-up of some of Michigan’s current world records.

World’s Tallest Dog

Zeus, a Great Dane from Otsego is officially the world’s tallest dog. Standing at 44 inches, Zeus is one inch taller than the previous record holder and is the average size of a donkey! When he stands on his hind legs, he is over 7 feet tall. A dog that size eats his fair share of food and in public his owner’s say he is often mistaken for a horse.

World’s Longest Hopscotch Course

The World's Longest Hopscotch Course (Photo credit: Marissa Gawel)

In September 2012 the world record for the longest hopscotch course was set in Detroit. The course spanned 3.75 miles from Downtown Detroit to Midtown Detroit and was drawn throughout the month of September, but the big event and record-making took place on September 22 as part of the Detroit Design Festival.

World Record for Attendance at a Hockey Game

On December 11, 2010, the World Record for Attendance at a Hockey Game was set at “the Big Chill” at the Big House in Ann Arbor. Over 100,000 people watched as the Michigan Wolverines beat the Michigan State Spartans 5-0.

The record was not without controversy as the Guinness Book officials counted attendance differently than the University of Michigan officials, counting the number of tickets scanned not the number of tickets sold. All in all no matter what the record was set and both sides decided the final number of attendees was 104,173, breaking the old record by nearly 30,000!

World’s Youngest Professional Drummer

In 2011, Julian Pavone from Macomb Township was named the World’s Youngest Professional Drummer. Pavone was only 5 years 10 months and 3 days old when he became a “professional” according to the Guinness Book of World records, but he was drumming long before that. He was only 15 months old when he became the youngest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers Drumline and recorded his first album when he was only 20 months old!

Most Rubber Chickens Tossed in the Air

Gilda’s LaughFest is an annual comedy festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to hosting some of the world’s greatest comics, it also has taken to breaking some of the world’s records. In 2011, organizers succeeded in breaking the previous world record for “rubber chicken chucking.” Grand Rapids currently holds the record for the “Most Rubber Chickens Tossed in the Air” at 925.

Most People wearing animal noses at one time

In 2012 Gilda’s LaughFest broke another record for the birds, when 607 people showed up wearing bird beaks in Rosa Parks Circle setting a record for the most people wearing animal noses at one time was set.  A previous record in the “animal nose” category had never existed making Michiganders the first!

The World’s Largest Cherry Pie Pan

The World’s Largest Cherry Pie Pan, at the Sara Lee Bakery Group

Near Traverse City, at the Sara Lee Bakery Group, stands the World’s Largest Cherry Pie Pan.  The pan was made to hold the World’s Largest Cherry Pie at the time (from 1987-1992). The huge pie weighed 28,350 pounds and was 17 feet, 6 inches in diameter. This pie and pan broke the previous records that were also held in Michigan just 50 miles to the north in Charlevoix.

In 1976 a local man from Charlevoix convinced a business to bake the world’s largest cherry pie in honor of the bicentennial. It held the record from 1976-1987 when Chef Pierre Pies decided to top it – Traverse City is the Cherry Capital after all.

In 1992, the record of the world’s largest cherry pie was taken by Oliver, British Columbia, but they didn’t save the pan so the pan near Traverse City still holds the record. Today both “famous” cherry pans can be seen on the roadside in Northern Michigan.

Other notable records held in Michigan include: the World’s Largest Subaru Parade, World Record Muskie, World’s Longest Lemonade Stand and the World’s Largest Gathering of Hearses.

What’s your favorite Michigan-based world record?