Five Incredible Instagram Photos from Our Fans in November 2015

The transition from fall to winter in Michigan makes for amazing photographs. Last month, our Pure Michigan Instagram community demonstrated Michigan's breathtaking beauty throughout November by capture the stunning end to another autumn season. From the falling leaves and vibrant colors of late fall, take a look at a few favorites shared with us in November.

As fall winds down, we’re reminded just how beautiful the changing seasons can be. This shot was taken on the Kal-Haven Trail in Kalamazoo.

Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @katievusse

 This shot of rolling hills in Houghton perfectly captures magnificent end-of-fall colors.

instagram blog 2 Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @jholleywoodii

Road trips can inspire the most beautiful photographs. This POV shot was taken from a popular M-22 destination.

 Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @jschlick30 Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @jschlick30

Adventure into the unknown with this stunning back roads shot taken in Battle Creek.

instagram blog 12.1 Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @sunupdown

The first snowfall of the season is always a magnificent experience. Taken in Dexter, this photo impeccably captures the ethereal beauty of a Pure Michigan winter.

instagram blog 12.1. Photo Courtesy of Instagrammer @rachaelsakowski

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