15 Incredible Photos of Michigan Lighthouses

Copper Harbor Lighthouse by Steve Nowakowski

Over 115 lighthouses dot the Michigan coastline. Some of them still guide boats to safety, some welcome visitors to spend the night in unforgettable surroundings, and all of them are stunning sites to behold, at any time of year.

We sorted through over 700 photos in our Flickr archives to unearth some truly stunning images of lighthouses across the state.  Have a photo of your own to share? Post it on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet!

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The lighthouses of Michigan are stunning sights against the background of a rising or setting sun.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse by Kristina Austin Scarcelli

Tawas Point Lighthouse by George Thomas

A Michigan lighthouse is a great place to go for a stroll with a loved one...

Muskegon Breakwater Lighthouse by Romulus Rueda

Grand Haven State Park Lighthouse

...to take in the serenity of the landscape...

Manistique Lighthouse by Bill Warnke

Little Sable Point Lighthouse by John Dykstra

...or to marvel at the power of nature.

Grand Haven State park Lighthouse by John McCormick 

Frankfort Breakwater by Sondra Halliday

Sometimes, the sight of the lighthouse itself...

Point Betsie Lighthouse by John McCormick

...can be just as stunning as the view from up top.

The view from Point Betsie Lighthouse by Susan Warrow

And if you ever have the chance to visit a lighthouse in winter...

St. Joseph Lighthouse

 ...you'll discover shockingly cold towers of ice and snow.

Manistee Lighthouse by Wendy Wernet

 It's so very different, but no less beautiful...

Round Island Lighthouse by Dale R. Niesen

...than the vibrant summertime colors that usually dot the coast.

 Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse

Have you been to a Michigan lighthouse? Which one is your favorite?