Six Stunning Marquette County Beaches

Marquette County is home to dozens of beautiful beaches. Today, guest blogger Jesse Land highlights a few of his favorites.

Black Rocks Beach

This rock beach within Presque Isle Park is a unique find treasured by rock collectors for its vast collection of smooth Lake Superior stones. Nestled between two cliffs, the popular beach lures visitors with its scenic beauty, and on warm summer days the young (and young at heart) for cliff diving off the Black Rocks formation in front of the beach!


Black Rocks Beach_Marquette.jpeg
Black Rocks Beach

McCarty’s Cove

There’s a reason McCarty’s Cove is one of the most popular (and most photographed) beaches in the Upper Peninsula. With its rock islands, sand point, proximity to the Marquette bike path and view of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse from anywhere on the beach, this beach is tough to beat.


marty's cove_marquette.jpeg
McCarty's Cove

Pebble Beach

Another popular spot for rock hounds, Pebble Beach sits a little north of McCarty’s Cove, just past Picnic Rocks. Golden sand gives way to smooth stones where Lake Superior meets the land. The pebbles, which give this park its name, continue into the water so bring your water shoes if you plan to wade.

South Beach

Located on Marquette’s south side, this wide, flat beach is known locally to be one of the more kid-friendly beaches because the water near the beach is shallow. Playground equipment dots the beach near the lifeguard stand, while further south, South Beach is wide open, dog friendly and not watched by a lifeguard.


South Beach_Marquette.jpeg
South Beach

Sunset Beach

True to its name, Sunset Beach ranks as one of Marquette’s best beaches for sunset watching. The five mile stretch of pristine Upper Peninsula beach is dog-friendly and, because it’s a little out of town, often not very busy. A sandy bottom greets you as you wade into Lake Superior. And due to the expansiveness of this particular locale, this beach is blessed with a better than average view of Lake Superior and the surrounding area.

Teal Lake Beach

Just a few miles from Marquette, this small but pleasant beach in Negaunee, offers a shallow, sandy entry, ideal as a kid-friendly option. And the beach’s distance from Marquette means it’s often less busy than some of the other beaches. Since Teal Lake is an inland lake, its water is frequently warmer than Lake Superior.


teal lake_marquette.jpeg
Teal Lake Beach



Details about all of these beaches, plus photos, and a map to twelve waterfalls and thirteen scenic views are all included on the Marquette County Waterfall Map. Get one for free by calling the Marquette Visitor’s Bureau at (906) 228-7749.

This post was written by Jesse Land on behalf of the Marquette County Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau.