Join Pure Michigan on an Interactive, Virtual Trip to the Detroit Zoo!

There are many family-fun destinations in Pure Michigan, including the iconic exhibits of the Detroit Zoo. From the largest polar bear exhibit in North America to the Giraffe Encounter deck, the Detroit Zoo has been awing fans from near and far since 1928. As one of the first zoos in the nation to use open, natural exhibits, we're excited to bring you a live tour from around the grounds.

Photo courtesy of Jennie Miller Photo courtesy of Jennie Miller; Detroit Zoo.

Pure Michigan is offering you the opportunity to experience the Detroit Zoo – virtually! We’re partnering with Georama, a real-time vicarious travel platform, so you can virtually tour the the zoo just by simply logging into on Friday, July 17 at 12 noon to 2 pm Eastern. Tom Daldin, host of PBS show Under the Radar, will serve as your travel guide and adventure lead in this digital exploration.

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Have a question about the Detroit Zoo animals you’ve always wanted answered? With the interactive live-stream, you can ask Tom questions on the spot – and get a response immediately – as we take you through the exhibits on a sightseeing adventure.

Photo courtesy of Roy Lewis Photo courtesy of Roy Lewis; Detroit Zoo.

We'll begin the journey with a ride on the Tauber Family Railroad to the African Grasslands, where we'll get up-close-and-personal with warthogs, rhinos, zebras and even feed giraffes at the Giraffe Encounter. From there, Tom will take you on an Australian Outback Adventure, dance with wolves at the Cotton Family Wolf Wilderness exhibit and journey to the Arctic Ring of Life.

Rhinos - Tamba and Jasiri - Roy Lewis Photo courtesy of Roy Lewis; Detroit Zoo.

We'll round out the live experience with a carousel ride, a visit to Dinosauria, the Reptile Conservation Center and the National Amphibian Conservation Center. We’re excited for you to join us on this Pure Michigan adventure! See you at on Friday, July 17 at 12 noon to 2pm.

What is your favorite animal to visit at the Detroit Zoo?