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Discover the tastes of local food in Michigan.

As one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the nation, Michigan does fresh, local food that must be eaten to be believed. 

Detroit-style pizza and Coney dogs. Mackinac Island fudge. Pasties. Tart cherries and crisp apples. Artisan cheeses and maple syrup. The flavors you can experience in Michigan are as varied as the communities that serve them up. With fresh produce delivered by local farmers made into mouthwatering dishes by passionate chefs, the foodie scene in Michigan will not disappoint.

Whether a five-star meal or a local favorite, no meal is complete without a Michigan winecraft beer or spirit to pair it with. Restaurants across the state carry local varietals and brews, but unique flavors are waiting to be discovered at brick-and-mortar shops and local grocery stores as well. Are you ready to taste the goodness of Pure Michigan? 

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