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Odissi is the oldest classical dance form of India, dating back to before the 2nd century B.C., the evidence of which is to be found in the stone carvings of the Rani Gumpha caves of the eastern Indian state of Orissa. Originating from ritualistic services in the temples, this unique dance form has now spread far and wide all over the world. Odissi dance is specially noted for its innate gracefulness, sculpturesque postures and rounded and liquid movements.

Sangeeta Kar is a renowned exponent of this dance form as well as that of music. Since the tender age of 4, she has been trained by the legendary guru Padma Vibhushan Kelucharan Mahapatra, and has passed the Nritya Bhushan (Bachelors degree) and Nritya Vibhushan (Masters degree) from Kala Vikash Kendra, the premier school of Odissi dance in Orissa, India. Since childhood, she excelled in abhinaya or dramatic expression, intricacy of footwork and an eagerness to perform solo on stage.

Sangeeta is the Founder and Artistic Director of Sangeetayan Institute of Dance & Music of India in central Michigan, and has trained hundreds of students of different nationalities in music and dance. In operation for more than thirty years, the institute aims at preserving and propagating India’s rich cultural heritage through classical and folk dances.
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